What we do

From your general office contracts eg. staff contracts, vendor agreements, lease agreements, etc to the smallest of administration task – we cover it all

Transcribing and Office Support

Our office support team takes care of your general housekeeping by mentoring your inexperienced office support personnel on site to ensure that your company’s first line of contact reflects the good image of your company.

Our fully trained transcriptionist will transcribe your general, legal or medical audio files.

Paralegal Support

A paralegal is a person, qualified in law through education and/or work experience, whether employed within a law firm or working independently as a paralegal acting for and on behalf of clients, for his or her employer, union members and/or working in conjunction with and/or in association with attorneys and advocates.



How do you grow your business when you have to waste so much time on the tedious tasks that could so easily be dealt with by an office assistant? Is your company not financially stable enough to carry the financial responsibilities of a full time administrator yet? Or maybe you are just one of those people who let the admin pile up as it is just not “your thing”.

The good news is that admin is definitely “our thing”. With PME Administrative and Paralegal Service Provider you can have someone who is online to respond and action your administrative needs efficiently. All assignments are usually handled via phone, fax and e-mail. Daily / weekly / monthly face-to-face meetings can also be arranged at your office to discuss the various assignments.


These are just some of the benefits of using PME Administrative and Paralegal Service Provider: